Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yes, that's right. Chibis. Those cute little manga-cartoon-things with big eyes. I found a website where you can make them ( and I've been creating them all day. They're just so dang cute...
And then, of course, my Obsessive Maximum Ride Disorder took over.
And now, ladies and gentlefreaks, I present to you... CHIBI-FLOCK!!!

Max! (Battle scars and signature eye-roll included)





Angel! (Pre-FANG)

I even made one of myself:

AND my OC from Winging It, Snow!

She looks like a Mary-Sue, doesn't she? I'm so glad she's not... And I'm not just saying that to say that. There was a time, long long ago, in the earliest drafts of Winging It, when Snow was as Sue-y as they get. I even refer to that time as the Mary-Snow Era. It was forever ago, though, and she's better now.

This post was rather shorter than usual.

Signing Off,
Sweet but Insane

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

 School's out! I never thought I would get out of that hellhole (At least for three months, anyway). I have absolutely no plans this Summer, except for get better at updating my fanfiction. A task much easier said than done, seeing as I have ADD, which makes it nearly impossible to write what I want, when I want. It's like I have some mutated-writing-gene-type-deal that just flares up at random moments, usually around the Witching Hour. Since I also have insomnia, I'm almost-always awake at this time.
Of course, just because I don't sleep doesn't mean I'm not tired. So when I write at 3 AM, I'm usually loopy and off my rocker with sleep deprivation. Fortunately, writing makes me sleep better. So I'm prone to waking up in the morning with a killer headache, the lights on, and pens and markers uncapped and scattered about my desk, bleeding ink onto the many pages I have no recollection of writing. Sometimes, the writing is brilliant -- like, my best work. Other times, I seriously wonder if someone put a little hallucinogens in my Fruit Loops.
One example would be the Maximum Ride fanfiction I wrote around Christmas last year, in which Fang meets the Ghosts of Christmas, who are Gazzy, Nudge, and Iggy, respectively. I'll try to post it on fanfiction, soon. I was going to hold off until next Christmas, but after re-discovering and re-reading it last week, I think it's just too great to not post. I don't know when, though, because the optimum time for FF-posting is between noon and four, and I usually don't have access to a non-prehistoric computer that doesn't crash in hysteria every ten minutes until five-ish.
I've also been wanting to do an Iggy/Ella fic, possibly an AH, for a while. A BandFic would be nice, since maybe I could show dem betches a thing or two about music. Or, you know, being in a band. I very much doubt any of those people have even picked up an instrument typically used in a rock band, while I've made pathetic attempts at playing all of them (I can't carry a tune unless I'm singing, and my pitch isn't so hot with that anymore). But hey! I'm a good listener. And I can coax one ditty out of a guitar, but only part of the song. Freak Out by Avril Lavigne. I know the words too, so that's a cool trick. Even though a monkey could play those chords...
Anyway, I'm pretty sure I started that paragraph off talking about Eggy. I think it's really cute -- Plus, I love Iggy. And I can relate to Ella pretty well, I think. But in any case, I couldn't handle an AH Eggy BandFic right now. I'm already struggling to update Winging It, and I'm completely in love with the plot. I don't know how I would ever be able to update something where I'm in new territory with the plot... I mean, I already had to give away my first fic, Chasing Yesterdays. It belongs to KaylaAnonymous, AKA Teenage Venom now. She'll do a great job with it, if only those Project Aero bitches would leave her alone. They're completely wrecking her Writer's Swagga, and such. If she would just listen to people who actually know her, and what they're talking about (Me and our friend Josh), and just freakin' accept that she's a good -- No, great writer and WRITE SOMETHING ALREADY!
I hope you fucking heard me, Venom. I'll send my Mary-Sue after you if you dont update something soon. Preferably Empty Spaces.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Greatest Poem In The World: Part 2

Previously on... The Zombie In My Locker And How It Got There

To the driveway we descended
To make a decision
Should we face certain death
In the Land of No Livin'?

Or should we stay home
And watch Dr. Phil all day
His mustache is distracting
It lead thoughts astray

In the end, the decision
Was sort of made for me
A man driving a bus,
Aged four thousand and forty

It arrived with a squeal of breaks
And an ominous death-rattle
From inside, a small voice shrilled
"I'm gonna tattle!"

It's color was yellow
It's vibe was annoying
Inside me I felt
A sense of dread growing

The door swooshed open
With a hiss and a squeak
The wrinkly old driver
Hadn't moved in a week

On the inside I screamed
On the out, climbed aboard
It's the fastest way to school
I rationalized and deplored

Once inside the aging deathtrap
I wandered down the aisle
Passing screaming children
And a hobo with a pedosmile

One hour later
Chance of survival was bleak
When we pulled in the school
Our sanity mushy and weak

I hopped to the pavement
And sprinted to the door
But I ran into five people
And they fell to the floor

Standing in the hallway
Where we always stand
Were Venom and Jaybrams
And That Guy from That Band

"Guys!" I ran up and yelled
"We've got a situation!"
Venom gasped "Will it save us
From our torturous education?"

Jaybrams screamed, suddenly
'Cause she saw the zombie
So we ran down the hallway
Venom, Jaybrams, and Me

We chased it through the H-S
Ran past Eric and Ryan
And Joey and Chris

It ran up the stairs
And we cornered the focker
It made a mad dash for freedom
Straight to 210, my locker

And it's still in there
It's out of your hair
So fear not, and go STEALTH-KILL! Devin
But I've got a problem
And my problem is...
I'm late for English 7

Okay, I admit it. This is a terrible poem. It's rhyming is half-assed, at best. Rhythm? Nonexistent. But I do -- sometimes -- write serious poetry. Or some crap I make up that sounds serious. And, like, deep. That's why I've started a poetry blog (Accessible from my profile)! I haven't posted anything yet. But I'm going to. Like, right now.
Later much!

Signing off,
Sweet But Insane