Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Love!

No, not you. Well, kinda you, though I've never met you before, but I was actually talking to my blog, which is illogical anyway, but if me missing you would make you follow and comment and shower me with bacon and rainbows, then yes I was talking to you. But I was also talking to my blog. And the internet, even though it hates me.
My dears, I was grounded. Though small-town groundation is just not the same as groundation in places that actually have places people would want to go to. Oh no. I was grounded FROM THE INTERNET.
Seriously, is that even legal? It seems like a crime against humanity. Or like, cruel and unusual punishment.
But, I do get where my mom was coming from. A sixty-four in French is frowned upon in this establishment for obvious reasons.
But anyway, after the conjugation of so, so many verbs, I'm back! And, well, not much has happened. A lot of reading, starting a few new Sci-fi serieses (Leviathan, Chaos Walking), finishing up some others (One book to go in the Percy Jackson category),  anticipating the release of the next, the FINAL Maximum Ride book. Which won't be until next August, actually, but I can still anticipate it now. Also, there was some more crappy nonsense poems and a major change in fangirlism (Expect some more posts about that soon).
Anyway, I leave you now with this inspiring quote I typed up when I was really really bored, shortly before The Grounding.